Work Packages

Work Package 1

  • Lead Beneficiary: Region Syddanmark
  • Partners Involved: All
  • Objectives: To ensure the operational coordination and management for the consortium as well as project progress including financial management; to ensure timely reporting to EC.
  • Description: RSYD are responsible for the overall administrative and financial management of the project. Tasks include contractual and financial issues, IP management, daily management, quality assurance as well as monitoring and following up on progress of the WPs to ensure that deadlines are met, for the project to stay within budget and on schedule.

Work Package 2

Work Package 3

  • Lead Beneficiary: Region Syddanmark
  • Partners Involved: University of StrathclydeSundhedNHS Highland
  • Objectives: To develop systems that can (1) capture, store and process clinical data and videos for AIA validation and development and (2) manage the transmission, storage, and handling of data in routine clinical settings.
  • Description: This WP sees to the development of systems for capture, storage, and handling of large quantities of clinical data and make them available to researchers while easing the logistical burden of a CCE investigation.

Work Package 4

  • Lead Beneficiary: NHS Highland
  • Partners Involved: University of StrathclydeRegion SyddanmarkUniversidad Autonoma De BarcelonaNational and Kapodistrian University of Athens Medical GR SchoolUmea UniversitetLund University
  • Objectives: To refine the entire CCE pathway according to patient wishes and ethical considerations; To define the target group for this pathway in terms of indication, likelihood of successful investigation. This includes ways to reduce gender and socioeconomically determined inequalities in the participation rates in both diagnostics, surveillance, and screening. It will be supported by systematized disease specific communication to the patients and the professionals; To develop and co-design patient reported outcomes and experiences measure which will be integrated into the patient CCE pathway and access to it enabled by the design and development of a Digital Application.
  • Description: This WP concerns the diagnostic pathway of CCE over OC. Partners in this WP will develop and validate a patient reported experience measure (PREM) and co-design a patient facing and patient-centered mobile app.

Work Package 5

Work Package 6

  • Lead Beneficiary: Umea Universitet
  • Partners Involved: All
  • Objectives: This WP will support the overall project in terms of ethical reflection and investigate more difficult ethical questions that may arise. To review the broader ethical landscape on ethics in AI and map relevant areas for ethical issues; To address specific ethical challenges of a more theoretical nature that apply to or arise from the technology developed for the project; To supplement the project with ethical input and assistance, including input into ethical documents and coordination and communication with other ethical experts and advisors attached to the project or external to the project.
  • Description: This WP concerns the ethics and trustworthiness of AI. It includes an overview and assessment of the ethical landscape and identification of ethical areas relevant to the project.

Work Package 7

  • Lead Beneficiary: University of Strathclyde
  • Partners Involved: All
  • Objectives: To raise the visibility and maximize the impact of the project by a set of tasks involving project partners, the stakeholder community, EU decision makers, as well as the wider public.
  • Description: This WP develops the project dissemination, communication and exploitation strategy which includes website creation, social media presentation, newsletter circulation, and peer-reviewed publication policy to raise awareness of AICE.